Hot Doggin’ with Cory Grove

If there’s one thing that Cobra Dogs owner Cory Grove loves … it’s probably hot babes. But if there are two things that Cory loves, it’s hot babes and technology. This is why it seemed fitting that when I met him at the local coffee shop to ask him a few questions about the world’s first extreme-sports based hot dog stand, he suggested that we open our computers and do it over iChat. Call us nerds, but it sure beats transcribing a recorded conversation later.

Sup guuurl.

Hey Cory. What’s been going on?

Getting ready for summer camp. I’m in panic mode. I’m house and dog sitting for Wille Yli-Luoma right now … “Wylie, who’s the toughest doggie in the neighborhood? You are” … ok, sorry, anyway yeah so I’m learning how to make lattes and junk with his new badass espresso machine. Ask me anything, I could go for days I am so ripped on coffee right now.

All right then. So everyone knows that you own Cobra Dogs now, but you’ve been involved in snowboarding for a long time. What else have you done?

Haha, oh jeez. Well, I was a photographer for a number of years and that was my trade for some time. I also did a short stint with Sessions as the team manager. Now I’m in the wiener business.

Oh yeah, weren’t you a character on that video game Amp’d or something? Like when you do a trick and some dude pops on the screen and they’re like, “Cory Grove from Sessions loves your moves! He wants to give you four free T-shirts!!! or something like that?

Yeah, I have heard that but I honestly haven’t seen it. Where the shit is my royalty check???

I don’t know man. You should beat someone up or something. Right now it kind of seems like for every kid who wants to be a pro snowboarder, there’s another one who wants to be a photographer or filmer. How’d you get into taking snowboard photos?

Totally by accident. I loved photography and obviously snowboarding, so I was just doing it for fun when I injured myself. I started taking pictures of my friends, and Mike Estes convinced me to send them to TWS. I thought snowboard mags were totally untouchable, but then they ran a cover of the first photos I ever sent in. That was so trippy to me.

That’s awesome. Okay, enough beating around the bush. Let’s talk about Cobra Dogs. How and when did this all start?

It started the summer of ’05. Me and Jesse Grankoski from Airblaster always had crazy ideas, and Cobra Dogs is one of them that actually materialized. Snowboarding and food! Oh hell yeah. It’s awesome.

So has it turned out how you originally envisioned? Were there any expectations, or were you just thinking it’d be fun and maybe make a little money. Okay hang on. That blonde girl in the short grey shirt is wearing a belly chain. Seriously, you have to see it next time she walks over here.

JULIA, Jesus. I’m trying to eat. Oh man, it’s way more than I ever could have imagined, but that’s nice because it’s a totally new challenge for me. We started with like $1,500 and our only goal was to have a way to be at Hood for the summer. It was just a side project and now it’s a full time gig that goes through winter as well. So yeah, it’s wayyyy more than I ever could have imagined and I don’t have any competition.

Did I tell you that I’m opening a stand by the general store called Rattlesnake Dogs? They’re going to be $3.75 a pop.

Oh you better not. I have Italian mob members in the hotdog industry that will snap your legs.

I’m not scared. So do you have any plans for expanding past the general Government Camp area?

Oh you know this. I’m opening a new store on Southeast 81st and Stark in Portland. It’ll be in the new Grenade building. Matt Kass(hole) is doing it with me. It’s gonna be off the chizane. Is that what the kids say these days?

Yeah, I think that’s what they’re saying. Oh yeah, speaking of Grenade, what’s the deal with Radical Dude? Aren’t you one of the founding members? Does this mean you’re getting “radiccal dude tattooed on your forehead or something?

Yeah, it’s just a club of radical dudes—nothing more, nothing less. We might make T’s or something but other than that it’s just us being retards. I’m just the I.T. guy. Tim Karpinski founded it. As soon as he gets a tattoo, I will. Side Note: Tim is a total pussy. That means that I will probably not be getting a tattoo anytime soon. Just playin. I love calling Tim out.

Haha. So is there anyone in particular who eats the most hot dogs during the summer?

That’s a toss up between Zach Marben and Joe Carlino. They can both put down some serious wiener.

Weird. I guess angsty guys like hot dogs?

Yeah, I am a classic example. Hot dogs are emo food for sure.

Speaking of emo, what does Cobra Dogs do in the winter?

Huh? Yeah … we get pretty emo on the road. We do the West coast stops for the Forum Youngblood contest series. Evan, Nikki, and Kevin over there at The Program are total badasses and keep us workin. We’re also a regular fixture for the Grenade Games and the Holy Oly Anti Contest in Snoqualmie Washington.

Should kids expect anything new for summer ’07?

Oh man, tons of stuff. We have pro model hotdogs this year. Kosher Kass, Polish Pinski, and I just got an email from Peter Line saying he wants his own dog called the “Wiener Line”. I’m also starting a bottled water company called “P with Preston Strout from High Cascade. It’s gonna be a long crazy summer filled with dogs, slushies, bronzing and babes.

Oh, P water. I get it. That’s funny.

Yeah, Preston came up with that. We are just trying to add something fun to our sport and save it from big money kooky energy drink companies. It’s pretty out of hand. And who doesn’t like P? Or drinking it? What?

That sounds unsanitary. Okay man, it’s getting cold, let’s wrap this up. They need to close the damn windows in this place when it’s twenty degrees outside. Any last words?

In the end it’s the little guys that make it happen and stay fun. Not Gart Sports or huge beverage companies with multi million dollar marketing budgets. We need to get back to our roots and support the little guys. The Airblasters, the Grenades, the Dinosaurs, and the One Ball Jays of the shred world. And most of all thanks to the campers and anyone who has bought a dog or a t-shirt. Thanks so much for the support. You make it happen.

That was totally profound.

Whoa, I’m so emo.

At least you don’t deny it. Thanks for the coffee.

Oh word guuuuuuurl. Thanks for the memories.

For more on Cobra Dogs go to www.cobradogs.comCheck out for more on the bottled water endeavor.