Hot Dawgz & Handrails 2007

Hot Dawgs and Handrails was my first experience with the scene that is Bear Mountain. And for reasons I’m not entirely sure of, it all appeared like a caricature. Everything seemed exaggerated, almost comical. The snow situation was laughable. There were enough pro doggies on hand to leave a name dropper speechless. There were the thuggy-looking kids, the indie-dirsters in training, a confused bunch who’ve yet to figure out their look for next season, and the ever present (and stoked) grommies grabbing at every product tossed, sticker dropped, or free Redbull found. Oh and then there was the security force that rivaled those found at some rock and roll shows. Something else indeed.

Caricatures are fun to look at and I was digging it all. All day I wondered around wide-eyed and amazed at the circus like scene that so many shreddies had shown up to be a part of. The Bear park staff out did themselves. They turned a barren slope snowy and erected some super-fun looking jibs. I considered the poach at one point.

I settled to snap photos and shred vicariously through the best and butteriest in the biz as they hiked and dropped and found their lines through the set-up. And I guess that was good enough, because I was certainly stoked. And not alone.

Post contest I spotted a posse of wholesome looking kids shredding a patch of slush and a an ice block with a two-by-four. They took turns doing frontsides, tail wheelies and little bomb drops. It’s been a long summer. These kids, like me, were ready to shred. They too came to the mountains because of snowboarding, and somehow found something to slide. They, like everyone else at Bear that day, were making snowboarding against all odds. Says something about our sport don’t you think?

1. Scott Vine
2. Nick Dirks
3. Scotty Stevens

1.Iris Lazzareschi
2. Melissa Evans

Best Trick
Joe Sexton