Hot Dawgz & Handrails 2

This past weekend saw the second annual pre-winter festivus known as Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails at Bear Mountain, California. It was hot, dusty, snowy, and packed with people. The event almost doubled in size compared to last year, with about 4,000 snow-deprived shreds turning out. It was great, Bear trucked in tons of ice, a wood chipper thingy, and bam—we had an instant rail jam. Everyone stunted for the cash and in the end fifteen-year-old young-buck Keegan Valaika took home six-grand, unfortunately, the ten percent rule did not apply to young Keegan, ’cause he can’t get into the bar.

Laura Hadar was the clear winner in the women’s division, she fucking killed it. Someone stole Laura’s shades, but they must have seen the light and returned them after she called the culprit out via the loudspeaker. Best trick went to Mac Spedale who was poaching the course in Louie Vito’s stead—doing a hardway 270 to switch back lip, like whoa, on the middle staircase rail. Someone also jacked Mike Burton’s 50cc dirtbike and Mike’s fate was not as fortunate as Hadar’s—it was not returned. If you’re reading this, I hope you crash, fool!

After all the snow shredding and bro-ing down was done, it was time for evening movie watching on the sun-turned-moon deck. Bear Mountain premiered its second installment of The Park Movie—No Big Deal, followed by Mack Dawgs From ___, With Love. No Big Deal was kind of a big deal. It features parts from up and coming Bear locs Johnny Miller, Joe Mertes, Andrew Massey, Chad and Ryan Tarbell, Mike Burton and friends. The movie also has serious cameo-hammers from the likes of Joe Carlino, Justin Meyer, Aaron Biittner, Wittlake, Corey Smith, RT, Casey Nelson, Mikkel Bang, Jeremy Jones, Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, and the list goes on—be sure to watch the Chris Bradshaw/MFM part, forildo. The Mack Dawg movie was also off the meat hook but you already knew that. The post-season Bear footy in From ___, With Love is legit.

What, you thought we went home? The after party was at the Log Cabin Restaurant. This is the first time the place has ever popped off in Big Bear history. The “popping was made possible by its new owners, The Block, which just opened its Big Bear location right down the street. MFM, DJ Slip Matt, and DJ Episode were blazing the wheels of steel, Arnie 5000 (Scotty Arnold) was blazing the mic, and Wawa got punched in the face by a crazed female. Nima Jalali and his lady Anette were rocking at the top of their lungs and the ladies love male modelJared Johnson. What else can I tell you about the party that you can’t already assume? Everyone got wasted and acted a fool—underage kids snuck in and got kicked out, and snuck back in. Drinks were overpriced and people threw up in the bushes—it was a great time. Hooray for Hot Dawgz!

Extra special thanks to Joe and Justin for the video and photo stomps—Chea!

Oh, to get a copy of No Big Deal go to Bear Mtn. and they’ll hook you up as long as they still have copies. Word!


Men 1st Place Keegan Valaika
Men 2nd Place Curtis Woodman


1st Place Laura Hadar
Women 2nd Erin Comstock

686 Best Trick

Mac Spedale Hardway 270 to switch back lip

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