Hot Dawgs And Hand Rails

Bear Mountain put on quite a show over the weekend, Hot Dawgs and Handrails to be specific. With thirteen-thousand large on the line, the shredders showed up for this one. But, So Cal snowboarding in September? Oh yes, and it was a good time. The crowd was about 2,500 strong and hungry for action ... and hot dogs. They weren’t let down.

The event started at 2:00 p.m. in the Junk Zone with three of Mack Dawg’s Junkyard Jibs. Two heated sessions later, Laura Hadar and Leanne Pelosi tied for first in women’s, and five-grand later, Bear’s own Mike Burton claimed the men’s first place.

If that wasn’t enough, Zone Two–The Urban Zone–was in full effect around 5:00 p.m. The setup was on an official staircase with a ledge and a rail, so as to keep it real. Some of the highlights were Chris Bradshaw’s switch Barley, Scotty Blum’s flawless back 180 to switch 50-50. Mitch Reed stomped trick after trick but sealed the deal with an alley-oop 270 to switch front board on the rail--he walked away five-grand richer, oversized check and all. The ladies held it down on the staircase as well, with Erin Comstock coming out on top and paid in full.

If you want more action check for raw footage. This was a great event for Bear Mountain, and it’ll be back next year with somethin’ fresh for ya, so tell all your friends.