Hold On: The Snow Patch Photo Essay

Maybe you have a patch of your own, but probably not. This is the fix. It’s just enough to hold you over until the world becomes winter again and all is right. Like the nicotine patch, this little patch of snow scratches an insatiable itch. Protected by a northerly aspect and a deep, avalanche-filled gully, this dirty remnant of winter usually offers a shreddable patch of justice all year round.

From full-blown summer rail shindigs to the tapering fall sessions, the patch is a temporary fix. It’s work, mind you, hauling the rails in and out. Not to mention discovering your boots are blown out and you never filled in the core shots or fixed the edge from the spring. But shredding in August, September, and October--the desperate months--that makes it all worthwhile.

After posting these shots on their blogs, the kids from the Crested Butte Academy immediately got responses from around the globe about how lucky they were to be snowboarding. New videos, fall colors, skating ... these things are all great, but they are salt to the wounds of the soldiers awaiting winter battlefields.

Make sure you check out the slideshow!