High Cascade Photo Workshop

For the past eight years, High Cascade Snowboard Camp (HCSC) and Nemo Design’s Trevor Graves have joined forces to host an all-inclusive snowboard photography workshop. This year, 24 shooters from North America gathered at Mt. Hood to learn the specifics of becoming a working snowboard photographer. Trevor Graves and the Studio Nemo Crew joined Tim Zimmerman, Andy Wright, and Christy Chaloux to instruct the workshop. Each morning was spent in the classroom, learning a variety of topics such as on-hill exposure, flash techniques, digital workflow, and the all-important business skills. In the afternoon, students shot action at HCSC’s private on-hill snowboard facility. Each evening, shots were edited and critiqued; the days wrapped up with an instructor slideshow and student Q & A session.

Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, and Laura Hadar participated in the workshop, and it was also their signature session at HCSC. Other star action came from Barrett Christy, Trevor Jacobs, The Shreducation Crew, as well as the newest couple from the show The Bachelorette--pro snowboarder Jesse Csincsak (Jsak) and Deanna Pappas.

The Photo Session closed with a big night of celebration. All of the campers and staff from HCSC's session 5 packed into a makeshift theater where the student's work was presented followed up by the world premiere of the Mack Dawg movie Double Decade.

Gallery photos: Christy Chaloux

A camper shooting it up. Photo: Andy Wright

Camper showing off shots to the rider. Photo: Andy Wright

Camper shooting rider Jonah Owen (who needs a checkout btw, kid rips). Photo: Andy Wright

TWS senior photographer and camp instructor (and former student) Christy Chaloux stylizing a model Jesse Csincsak (recent winner of the Bachelor). The students learn how to take location portraits on the Palmer snowfield. Photo: Andy Wright

Camper shooting portrait shots of Jesse Csincsak and Deanna Pappas, finally a couple thanks to the recent Bachelorette program on ABC. Photo: Andy Wright

Working with models during a portrait session. Photo: Andy Wright

Instructor and TWS contributing photographer Tim Zimmerman working with students in the classroom. Photo: Andy Wright

Photo camp Zen master Trevor Graves lecturing in the photo classroom. Wise words, listen up kids! Photo: Andy Wright