Hidden DC Mtn Lab 1.5 Movies

File this one under just for fun because, if you’re anything like us, at this point in the season, you’ve probably watched your library of shred DVDs about four hundred times. What you might not know though, is that there’s more than meets the eye. Check it. We got these top-secret movie links from DC cinematographer Pierre Wikberg.
He says, “Ever since the Robot Food videos, I’ve always liked the idea of having secret movies on a DVD—Bendedek was an instigator for sure.” He adds that the ones he hides throughout his videos are, “usually too silly or dumb to have as extras.”
He gave us the insider info on two of the nine hidden movies in DC Mtn. Lab 1.5. Just press enter at the following two spots. Pierre says, “If you want to watch the other seven, you’ll just have to keep hitting enter … and they’re not all in the main movie.” Have fun with the freshies. Hey, why not use the message boards for something clever like sharing the hidden movies you’ve found.

Hidden Hotdog Snowball
When the starter (Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson) lifts his gun to start the race, hit enter on the close up of the gun.

Hidden Bling Video
When Eddie Wall’s title comes up and he shows his ring to the camera. Hit enter.