Every summer the great volcano beckons, and every summer a group of pilgrims packs their gear into hot cars and answers its call. Now, it being June already (man, time flies, et cetera, et cetera), High Cascade Snowboard Camp debuted its very first day on hill this weekend, and yeah, TransWorld SNOWboarding was there.

Session number one is officially the Andrew Crawford/Josh Dirksen session, but it’s also casually known as the “Team Nitro Goes To Summer Camp session, because the company paid for its entire international team to come out and attend camp, just like the good ol’ days—ride, eat PB&J sandwiches, ride some more, skate, tan, Volcano cones, sleep, repeat. Yep, in the life of a busy pro snowboarder, a week’s worth of the above is pretty much heaven. And so the likes of Eero Ettala, Marc Frank Montoya, Erik Christensen, Janna Meyen, Fillippo and Giacomo Kratter, Bode Merrill, Rube Goldberg, and Etienne Gilbert gladly got themselves to Oregon to partake.

Luckily for everyone, the glacier got dumped on this winter and park facilities are in prime form up there—a giant superpipe, big and small kickers, tons of jibs, you know the deal. Below you’ll find a few random factoids that our hard-hitting journalism unearthed during our very first day on hill for the summer. Very informative, really.

11:30 a.m.: As we strapped on our boards and pushed into the lift line, we saw the Kratter brothers headed down full of excuses about the snow still being “firm up there and the pipes and jumps still getting “worked on. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the two were in fact hightailing it to the nearest television to catch the USA vs. Italy Soccer World Cup game. Yep.

18 to 2: the “dudes to bathrooms ratio in the Nitro Team house (which includes at least four Europeans, maybe more). Yikes. Mark Welsh (Nitro art director, photographer, and softgoods designer) is a ramblin’ man. Check out his INSANE travel schedule for the upcoming month:

Mt. Hood
Los Angeles

NOTE: The trips home to Seattle are only about two days each. There’s also a possible New York trip somewhere in there, as well as the possibility of another panicked mission to Guatemala towards the end of the month to see a little lady, at least that’s what we heard.