Henning Marthinsen Wins The Arctic Challenge 2006, Andy Finch Dominates Highest Air Competition

Midtstuen, Oslo Norway—Norway’s Henning Marthinsen with exceptional consistency, technical variety and smooth style locked down one of his most memorable moments in his career by winning both the TTR 5 (five) Star The Arctic Challenge by Oakley Quarterpipe competition and the ‘Best Trick’ category (Backside 900). Marthinsen was up against the World’s finest Quarterpipe riders. His performances saw him rise to the podium flanked by second placed event organizer and TTR Patron Terje Haakonsen (NOR) with Andy Finch (USA) stepping up into third. Finch consistently broke the 5.5 meter mark subsequently won him the ‘Highest Air’ competition with a 5.7 meter Backside air.