HCSC Recap: Session 1

Session one, the Andrew Crawford+Josh Dirksen signature session at High Cascade is a wrap and with record snowfall over the winter, all we’re hearing down hear in our sweaty Southern California cubes is how much it rules up there. We caught up with Coach Crawford to get his thoughts on the best session of his life. Be sure to watch the session one recap video!

Mini Andrew Crawford Interview:

How was the session?

It was amazing, it was actually the best session I’ve ever had at Mt. Hood. It just seems like High Cascade has really made it kid friendly these days, where in years past you’d have to worry about negative attitudes, people flexing their muscles and just trying to show off. This session it wasn’t like that, it was about the kids wanting to learn tricks. I guess for Josh and I, we have such a good time because we can finally sit down with the kids one on one be be like “Alright man, this is how it is in the movies and this is how it is in the magazines and here’s how you do these tricks.” It’s like breaking down the Hollywood hype, like a behind the scenes for the kids to show them what it’s really like. It was amazing, it was the best session I’ve ever had.

What was the best part?

The best part is the environment that HIgh Cascade has created, they let Josh and I do our job with such freedom that Josh and I love to coach. If we want to have a T-shirt contest or something we can do it, or if we want to have a skateboarding clinic with the kids we can do it. They make it so friendly, and it’s really awesome that Josh and I are able to coach.

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