HCSC Photo Workshop Wrapup

Photographers from across the globe met at Mt. Hood early this August to gain knowledge necessary to achieve the top ranks of snowboard photography. Who better to serve as instructors than the snowboard industry’s most prestigious photographers, Trevor Graves, Kevin Zacher, Embry Rucker, Chris Owen and Nate Abott, in addition to three assistants from the esteemed Brooks Institute of Photography.

The workshop’s curriculum was written by Brook’s Institute of Photography Professor Ralph Clevenger. The workshop’s schedule included instructor slide shows, on-hill clinics at HCSC’s private facilities, an on-hill night shoot at HCSC, Q & A sessions, and student slide critique. Guest speakers included Dave Hunt from Pro Photo Supply and Kurt Hoy from TransWorld offering expertise in the areas of digital photography and magazine submission. Students had the opportunity to submit images to Trevor Graves for use in the HCSC 2004 brochure as well as to TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine.

“I think most students learned more from the workshop than they had ever imagined. I’ve spoke to several of this years workshop students who are already making plans to attend next year’s session, says workshop coordinator Christy Chaloux.

For more information about the High Cascade Snowboard Photography Workshop go to http://www.hcscphotoworkshop.com