For the last four years, photographer Trevor Graves and the fine folks at High Cascade Snowboard Camp have sent out a big old “Come on down” to all the people who wanna learn the in and outs of snowboard brotography. After leaving the workshop you’ll be ready to enter a community of kids who think the world revolves around them and companies that will “lose your invoice” a half-dozen times before they pay you. Not to mention lazy-ass magazine dudes such as myself that will make you shoot whole entire Web-stories for them by convincing you it’s “good exposure.”

You’ll also get more technical info than you can shake a stick at from pro shooters like Tim Zimmerman and Mark Kohlman, who get their photos published in our magazine all the time. If this is something you might be into jump on over to and check it out, if not check out all the photos the campers took this time around and maybe you’ll get a flame under yer butt.