HCSC Enter The Dragon Contest Results

Bend, OR (January 20, 2004) —High Cascade Snowboard Camp (HCSC) held the first contest weekend for 2004 ENTER THE DRAGON series at Mt. Bachelor, featuring the slopestyle and superpipe events.

On Saturday, ENTER THE DRAGON Slopestyle (I) contest gave a chance for riders to show their skills in part to qualify for the USASA National Slopestyle competition. With a wonderland of freeriding and one of finest parks in the country, Mt. Bachelor was an ideal place for the slopestyle contest. Mother Nature did her part providing a sunny, clear blue sky and made for a great competition day.

The park crew worked hard the night before to rebuild the biggest table top in the course, giving it three jumps options, the farthest being forty feet. It rivaled BIG AIR jumps from a few years ago. Few dared to launch it and those who did reaped the rewards.

The first person to hit the jump was 18 year old, Chelsea McClegan. She awed the judges in her first run, charging off the big ramp, with a Mute grab big enough to scare most in the men’s division. Her score from that run captured first place in the women’s 18-22 year-old division, and was more than enough to capture first place in the women’s overall division. Later, McClegan admits, “I scared myself…it was so much fun!”

The men’s divisions exuded its own excitement. Ten-year-old phenomenon, Ben Watts, stepped up for the first contest of the year. The young rider linked a BS 360, Method and BS 540 off the jumps. Then followed up with a boardslide on the 30-foot flat bar, and frontside boardslide on the 20-foot double barrel. Look for him on the podium at Nationals with runs like that. Ben’s score landed him sixth place in the men’s overall division.

The day belonged to fifteen-year old, Austin Smith, whose confident style and technical maneuvers carried him to first place, over 60 others in the men’s division. Austin transplanted from Mt. Baker last year, bringing classic northwest style with him. His winning run proved that the Northwest is birthing a new generation of rippers. Smith nailed a Cab 540, frontside air over the big table, and FS 720. Then hit the rail section with a slick boardslide and frontside boardslide.

On Sunday, the ENTER THE DRAGON Superpipe (I) contest took place at Mt. Bachelor as the first qualifying event for the USASA National Halfpipe competition. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, the superpipe still held its perfect shape all day. Tormented with rain, the walls of the pipe softened enough to add confidence, but remained fast enough to generate speed.

Brandon Luzier, from the Junior Men’s (16-17) division, highlighted the superpipe contest with two flawless runs. His first run was an array of grabs into a FS 540 and then a BS 540, and ending with an air to fakie into a Cab 540. In his second run, he topped his first score, adding a FS 720 to the mix of 540s. Brandon placed first in the men’s overall division. Chelsea McClegan, winner of the women’s overall slopestyle contest, boasted the highest score again in the halfpipe.

The next ENTER THE DRAGON contest weekend is February 14-15th at Mt. Bachelor. Join High Cascade Snowboard Camp for the Slopestyle (II) and Superpipe (II) competitions. Prizes will be raffled to competitors from sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Oakley, TransWorld, Nitro, Lib Tech, Gnu, Da Kine, Vans, Side Effect Board Shop, and PrintMG.

ENTER THE DRAGON also hosts the final stop of the Trans Am Rail Jam series. The contest will be held on Saturday, February 28th at Mt. Bachelor and will feature the Smith Limo jib. Check out the competitors from the ENTER THE DRAGON slopestyle competition showing their steeze in the rail jam.

Check here for more info about the USASA and event schedules around the country … http://www.usasa.org/

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