Hard Workin’, Easy Livin’

It's easy to say you've been there and done that sometimes. I've heard it my whole life and usually just smirk and nod in relative disbelief to the everyday blown out of proportion story. On this occasion however, around 30 local New England shop employees have a story to brag about that was very real, and very once in a lifetime. Burton hosted a hand picked group of local riders to visit Stowe for a couple days and receive a bit of pampering compliments of the man himself; Jake Burton. A coach bus arrived at the Burton flagship store in Burlington, VT and chauffeured everyone to Jake's house just a stones throw from Stowe for an event called Hard Workin Easy Livin. They were greeted by Jake at the front door and invited in for a catered dinner from Fresh Market, set free in Jakes basement to skate through the legendary underground tunnel, play a round of indoor soccer or simply just hang out with Jake and talk shop. It was the ultimate slumber party with all the trimmings. The following morning everyone woke up to a catered breakfast and a ride to Stowe for a free day of shredding with Jake and Yale Cousino... or the opportunity to drag me along as photo bitch to glorify your shredding in all it's glamour. In true New England fashion the day on the hill started out in the pouring rain forcing everyone to ride in ponchos. As the gods would have it however, the rain turned to snow and all who left early gave us the mountain to ourselves; an empty paradise in the fluff.  Not a bad way to spend your weekend. "Yeah, I rode with Jake..." 

 Thanks to Brian Nevins for the photo gallery! See more of his imagery by clicking this live link: