Swinging from the banister like one of those go-go dancers from Whistler, snowboarding online’s very own Claire.com reveled in the glory of pulling off another raging new year’s party in J-Hole. The pro roster included world class Jackson locals like Bryan Iguchi, Rob Kingwill, Jeremy Jones, Julie Zell, Willie McMillon, Jamie Sundberg, Ranyon D’Arge, and Rob Duncan, as well as cinematographer Richard Goodwin, Sledneck’s Adam Bebout, ex-TransWorld editor Melissa Larsen, and 500 other buzzed up, dancing fools who brought in the new millenium in true Wyoming style.

The Acadian House in downtown Jackson busted at the seams with a sold-out crowd who packed the house for what could have been the biggest party in town. A Mardi Gras style buffet was served throughout the night, a good thing for partygoers whose saturation point depends on the fullness of their bellies. The plates were so huge that even the insatiable appetite of Jeremy Jones was satisfied, much to the surprise of his girlfriend, Tiffany Sabol of XX Productions.

I don’t know if it was the big meal that fueled Rob Kingwill’s fire, but that kid can throw down some serious moves on the dance floor. A true individual, Rob doesn’t drink, but he doesn’t need alcohol to get loose. The Nike poster boy lives up to his gap-toothed, jewelry-wearing wild-haired eccentricity in all those ads-he’s freak for sure, god bless him. Speaking of Nike posters, the illustrious Julie Zell celebrated on home turf in royal style.

Even though DJ Kid Thunder promised Melissa he’d ring in the new year with a double set of 2 Live Crew’s “Big Booty Hos” and “Me So Horny,” when the bell finally tolled, everybody’s favorite disco hit “Celebration” came blaring through the speakers instead. Luckily everyone was too busy dancing and spraying champagne on each other to heckle the DJs for their questionable choice for first song of the new century. Meanwhile, Claire.com, with the help of her friend, C-Dub, got a hold of the mic, which she loved, of course and bellowed out all sorts of semi-intelligible stuff. We had to let her be obnoxious only because she was in charge of the raffle and had the power of some pretty sick giveaways. In addition to winning some pretty rad stuff, we’ll give them extra props by mentioning the winners here: Chad McCue of Riverton, Wyoming went home with a brand-new Rossignol snowboard; Adam Batlier of Boulder won the Drake bindings; Jack Vaughn of Jackson won the coveted TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine subscription, and Willie McMillon got a couple of lift tickets to Jackson.

Extra thanks to the sponsors who made it all happen: Rossignol, Drake, Snowboarding Online, Jackson Hole Resort, Bluebird Wax, the Board Room, and extra special thanks to Dane from Northwave, who threw in a big ol’ bottle of champagne – the whole reason Claire was dancing on the banister in the first place!