Hannah Teter Wins Olympic Halfpipe Gold

A couple of days ago, Hannah Teter was wondering what to do about the nagging pain in her knee. Tonight, she’ll have a gold medal hanging from her neck.

Qualifying went as planned for the U.S. Team. Kelly Clark was the number-one qualifier, Gretchen was second, and Hannah was third. Elena Hight qualified through the second qualification run, as did Kjersti Buaas, who finished fourth in the Salt Lake City Games.

Kjersti came out of nowhere. She did it “cold turkey, as her teammate Kim Christiansen said. It was only a couple of months ago that Kjersti was laid up with a broken leg and feared not being able to compete at the Olympics.

Kelly Clark made landmark runs during practice, holding grabs all the way through her spins, but she didn’t put together a totally clean run in the finals.

Hannah went big and rode cleanly, winning with her first finals run. Just like Shaun White, Hannah knew she’d won when she was at the top of the pipe before her second run.

More news and complete results later.

Women’s Olympic Halfpipe Results

Hannah Teter, 46.4

Gretchen Bleiler, 43.4

Kjersti Buaas, 42

Kelly Clark, 41.1

Torah Bright, 41

Elena Hight, 37.8

Manuela Pesko, 35.9

Doriane Vidal, 35.7