Hammer Take’s Mammoth Expression Session

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, Calif. (Jan. 10) -- It was a Mammoth Mountain rider reunion Saturday afternoon as all five finalists in the Paul Mitchell Expression Session call Mammoth home. But it was Matt Hammer who mastered the box/rail/hip/wall combo by utilizing all four features to pump the huge sunbathing crowd with the win.

“I expected to be eighth or ninth with this crew of riders, but first is pretty cool,” said Hammer, who linked together 270 on the box to a 540 on the wall to a 270 down the left rail. “These events are fun because all of your friends are trying to outdo each other.”

The feature presented riders with a multitude of options and the winner was determined by creative use of all the features. Some riders chose to hit the box to wall ride option and then slide either of the two rails on either side of the hip. Others, like second place finisher Rahm Klampert, chose to hit one of two kickers over the side rails to land on the back hip of the feature.

“This was a pretty tough feature to tame,” added Hammer, whose nickname is Turtle. “I’ve never seen anything like this before and you really had to make sure that you had the right speed depending on what you wanted to hit – there was a lot of options.”

Klampert’s clean cab 900 over the left hit landed him in the No. 2 position ahead of Lane Knaack, who finished ninth in halfpipe earlier in the day. Knaack was the master of the wall with the only 50-50 on the day. Rounding out the men’s top-5 was Danny Kass and Joe Eddy. Kass and Eddy where also halfpipe finalists, finishing third and 14th respectively.The women also mixed up some clean lines in the Progression Session with Jaime McCleod, Priscilla Levac, Tara Dakides and Chanelle Sladics impressing the crowd with smooth rail riding.

PAUL MITCHELL EXPRESSION SESSIONMammoth Mountain, Calif. -- Jan. 10
1. Matt Hammer
2. Rahm Klampert
3. Lane Knaack
4. Danny Kass
5. Joe Eddy