The buzz around Grenade’s newest film Smell The Glove has been at a low roar for months so when the premiere date of Saturday, September 10th finally rolled around, the sound was almost deafening.

Doors opened to San Diego’s 4th & B with the line already wrapping around the corner and Dave Schiff as host for the evening, handing out drink tickets if you had the coveted Grenade dog tags. Not only was Schiff the host, turned out he was also the MC, movie star, and lead singer/bass player in the follow-up entertainment, Retard Riot. It was most definitely the first time he ever turned down a beer on account of: “Shit, this shit is stressful. Or maybe he just didn’t hear the question right.

Bars were a plenty and it turned out doubles were part of the drink ticket deal if you just asked for one. Much like all of San Diego’s finest establishments, the bouncers and police were on edge and ready to smack you down if you got a little feisty ... or stepped off the curb, looked at them wrong, or asked them where the bathroom might be. But, hey, welcome to San Diego!

Okay, so the theme for Smell The Glove: A 16 MM Rockumentary is a take on Spinal Tap with the hair band Satin Dagger: Shane Flood as lead singer (man, can he sing), Danny Kass and Sketchy-D on guitars, Pat Moore on bass, and Doran Laybourn as replacement drummer for Gabe Taylor, who mysteriously disappears. They all have some crazy-ass stage names but I can’t remember them so you’ll have to buy the movie to find out those, what happens to Gabe, and who can really act.

The shredding varies from parks, backcountry, to urban streets–with all of the Grenerds putting in some time on each. Dennis Bourgornio (AKA Sketchy-D) steps it up as well as Danny Kass proving once again he can rock anything ... including the biggest wig, tights and make-up. Other appearances are made by Colin Langois, Kyle Clancy, Hana Beaman, Brian Regis, Lane Knaack, Jimi Tomer, and a bunch of other talented shreds. The soundtrack in all of it’s rock ‘n roll glory, features bands like the Butthole Surfers, Cheerleader, and Blüd Wülf, “The best fucking band ever, according to Schiff.

The evening progressed with Retard Riot onstage, drinks poured over heads, Matt Kass reportedly getting kicked out for improper peeing techniques, marketing budgets spent, and just general mayhem till the wee hours of the night. Good times, I tell you, good times ...