Grenade Strikes Back: Mtn. Creek

Danny made his first appearance back in Vernon New Jersey since winning his second Olympic silver medal last February in Torino. We were welcomed in arms by Kass’ biggest fans and the die-hardest Grenade supporters. Both Boost Mobile and the Grenade busses were parked right up on hill, and surrounded by hundreds of kids.

Day one, Friday night was to be the rail jam. We had Retard Riot, Hounds of Hell and Kill Cheerleader at the bottom on the main stage. The set up was the Zumiez couch rail into a little down bar. In the middle was the peace tank on top of a spine--to jib or to float over. And on the far right was a 40-foot flat box where head judge Sketchy D was in position, assisted by the Hexi Mexi, Kevin Casillo and Mike White Head. So it was a great set up with great bands, and we where even blessed with the presence of Jerry Only another Vernon local, on hill running the Misfits puffy and his pj’s for bottoms--quite a good look.


1. Tara Collins
2. Julia Bohn
3. Becky Popiel

14 & Under

1. Colt Morgan
2. Brett Stewart
3. Michael Alvarez

Then we went right into the open division. Lots of tricks were thrown down and for the lack of snow and the conditions that they’ve had at Mtn. Creek it was quite an impressive show. Lucas Magoon and Danny Kass were there, taking laps with all the kids and stoking everybody out. After the 45 minutes jam it came down to Sketchy D and the judging panel. The top five making it into the final were:

1. Emery Callison
2. Kyle Ryan
3. Tom Weiss

And while the decisions where being made fore the Grenade Strikes Back top five were going on, it was the Zumiez fifteen-minute best-trick jam on the couch rail. It was young local Jarred Baker taking it out with the front flip off the rail. But we saw it all--270 hard ways, backside 270 on 270 off. Even seeing a front side 720 about 30-feet over the couch.

Right into the final with Kill Cheerleader and the top five finalists. It was a very impressive final . We saw all kinds of tricks on the flat box, like Emery doing the front board hop to switch front board to tail tap backside 180 out. And with tricks like that it was no surprise that sir Emery won the rail jam on night one of Grenade Strikes Back.

Day 2

We woke up to a very sunny Mtn. Creek and were ready to give the most talented rider at Mtn. Creek a trip to Grenade Games and the one in four chance of being named on the Grenade am team.

Head judge, Sketchy D was on hand and his assistant for the day was Mr. papa Kass himself. Danny’s dad Craig was all fired up and ready to go. The setup was a choice of two jibs--a 40-foot down rail or a 20-foot kinked box right into the stair set up which was a flat down box down rail and down box. With the final jump at the bottom about a 40-foot jump and the option of a hip.

Women1. Mary Kastner2. Tara Collins3. Becky Popie

14 & Under

1. Terry Williams
2. Kenny Cayner
3. Alex Stuart

The crowd was a build up for the open division and the Jersey kids were ready. For the lack of snow and the lack of riding that these kids have or hadn’t had all year, the quality of riding was up to par and everybody was quite exited. Myself and Danny were taking laps all day through the course, I even handed the mic’ over to Sketchy D were he took over and was voted MVP on hill, as head judge, announcer and just all round good guy. Danny was also throwing down some mean switch backside rodeo’s and front side 720 tails.For the final, the top five the ended up being the top seven. We saw Emery, the champ from the night before go for the frontside 1080 and come up a little short, a smooth backside 540 from ??? And Kyle Ryan going for the frontside 720 tail.But local shredder Tim Kempson took it due the rodeo 720 with the stale fish. And that brought us another winner at Grenade Strikes Back and another dream made for the future of snowboarding.

Final Results

1. Tim Kempson
2. RRyan Sabol
3. Kyle Ryan

That night was the Boost Mobile after party with DJ Evil D and Butter L. Also hitting the main stage ion the Hex Bar that night were all three bands on the tour, Retard Riot, Hounds of Hell and Kill Cheerleader. Kill Cheerleader even came out and announced there new singer to the band--Danny Kass, and what a voice that guy has.

Well that brings us to another end on the Grenade Strikes Back Tour--next stop Ragging Buffalo, Illinois.

Huge thanks to Danny Kass, Grenade, Boost Mobile, Vans, Vestal, Gnu, Lib Tech, Zumiez, TWSNOW, Monster Energy Drink, Kirsten, Sketchy D, Papa Kass, Kevin, Mtn. Creek, Evil D, Retard Riot, Hounds of Hell, Kill Cheerleader, Dave Schiff, Momma Schiff, Jason Bayne, and of course Matt Kass.

See you next week,