Grenade Games Five Is Thrashing

The elevator was one of the first object to feel Grenade Games’ wrath. Photo: Russell Dalby

Grenade Games Five has consumed Canadia's little nugget called Whistler Blackcomb. The Monster hotel is under full lockdown, the whole place is booked out and the walls have been a little shaky and plastered with the always-entertaining GG specialty stickers. This morning Danny mentioned something to the tune of "a hundred kids were lined up chanting my name on the hill, someone mentioned I was going to buy them all ceasers." Last night the Sushi Village was shaking, things were smashed and there were a lot of party growls, no wonder everyone was fiending this morning. We've overheard all the locs also saying that the village hasn't been this busy since Christmas--people are squirming all over the place, it's a good end of the season send off combined with the Telus festival.


Photos: Russell Dalby

To everyone's surprise, the resident dreary weather lifted and there was nothing but sun for the poker run, the first event for Grenade Games Five. Sloggy hips and tranny everywhere meant boardin with your poker posse was awesome. From peak to peak, cards were shifted, deals were struck and shady trading was involved in the as teams scrambled to gather a promising hand. In fact, there were so many suspiciously good hands that a lottery was drawn to decide who was making it into the tonight's high stakes final.
But before that, the high hands had to take on some shred gimmicks to further their way into Grenade Games. One event was the dual slalom course where the top 32 times were used to lock in a spot in tomorrow's dual slalom mogul run. The other GG original was a no board bullrun over rollers with a mandatory jump at the bottom. Things get loose when they're not binded.

Dark clouds started rolling in and the crews headed to ante up on the poker finals and check off day two at the Games. The wheels just started rolling and things are going to get weirder no doubt. Check back for photo galleries and more nonsense, but meanwhile keep up to date with all the happenings on Dano Pendygrasse's Monster blog here:

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Whistler Blackcomb