Grenade Games Update: Mogul Mania

Ryan Tiene, clean grip off the plank. Photo: Russell Dalby

The weather turned nice and sour for the dual slalom mogul races. It rained the night before and things dipped under the freezing point. That made for a set of some icy lumps that even the ski racing event organizers wouldn’t rally through. They thought everyone was crazy, but then maybe they don’t understand the Grenade Games. This year up in Whistler has been a little more structured and a little less misty though.

Photos: Russell Dalby

While the sketchy conditions made riders weary, at least the live jams from Wes Makepeace livened things up. A handful were still out trying to pick up a golden hall pass into the pipe final by tearing through the steep mogul field. Sammy Luebke snapped a backflip off one of the plank jumps between moguls, landing him a golden pass. TWS O.G. Cody Dresser was lapping through the field like a vet, he even popped a clean japan tuck grab to which snagged him a pass as well. The best ice shaving technique of the day went to loc’ Myrosha Daley as he picked up first place with the fastest time. Pipe and the grand finale to come…

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