Grenade Games Update: Pipe Dreams

Golden ticket bearers went into the pipe finals yesterday a little worn after four days deep in the Grenade Games. The weather was clear and temps bumped up a bit so the spring setting was there. Mogul warrior Sammy Luebke blasted some of the biggest airs of the day with solid slew of grips. This snagged him $500 for "best air."  There were also a few lip attractions on the pipe that claimed some tricks and nasty falls. The Grenade piñata and stump took down a few riders and rewarded some. Dennis Bannock slammed on a huge stump handplant but the "best crash" envelope he received with $500 compensated the slam.


Across the wall, a few riders came close to slicing open the piñata until Lukas Magoon aired out and bear hugged it back down to the pipe. In between shooting with TWS mid-contest, Louie Vito took some time to lay down a couple 720 and 1260. The twelve landed him "best trick" and a cool five hundo. The last envelope was snatched up by Bahamian Olympic hopeful and resident Whistler loc' Kory Wright, who dropped heavy handplants on the stump.

In the overall day of shredding, Dusty Craven's twirly handplants, spins and consistent runs locked third place, while Guillaume Morisset shredded tough for second. TJ Schneider snuck into the finals but not before putting on or at least dusting off a cloak of pipe skills that won first place and 5 Gs. Homeboy surprised the crowd with some huge nines, a near double cork ten and some tech tricks on the jibs.


The transitions carried on down the hill with a mini ramp jam in the village later that evening. Kass, Arnie, and others shredded the crap out it. Well, there's one more day and things are pretty loose. Finals go down after the sun with a nasty looking butterbox jump and more. Plus, The End party will carry this whole deal into the night, but who will scamper off with the cash?

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