Goon Town & Comstock Win Vans Cup Rail Jam

We’re here at Northstar-at-Tahoe for the Vans Cup, where young Goon Town—Lucas Magoon from Rutland Vermont sealed up another rail jam victory adding another notch to his belt; you need a belt for sure when running double x; adding another 12K to his bank account. Salt Laker, Erin Comstock was also rewarded for her efforts taking home $3,600 for the women’s division.

The rail jam setup, which was poised neatly amongst the pine trees just above Northstar’s Village; consisted of a down rail on riders right, a double kink on riders left, and a tri-level, five option, super Hubba ledge in the middle that was cloaked in traditional Vans black and white checker pattern.

The evening began about half past five, as the female portion of the rail jam got underway and the sun began to recede over the North Lake Tahoe horizon. The strong smell of smoldering greenery wafted through the air as darkness enveloped the thick local crowd that was rocking back and forth thanks to bass laden hip-hop, courtesy of DJ Smokey.

SLC’s Erin Comstock was the first of the “Most extreme chicks in the world as Dingo was referring to them; to step up to the double kinker, laying down silky smooth 50-50s. She even got caught off guard on one go taking a serious blow to the chest, but got right back up and did it again. Erin has style and heart. Defending champion, Leanne Pelosi showed up with her sights set on securing another win. The CEO of Runway Films was boardslide-pretzeling out of the down rail, and riding really well all night. Marie-France Roy and Silvia Mittermuller brought the heat as well. MFR was giving the double kink hell all heat long, and ended up taking best trick on it, with a flawless boardslide through to fakie at the one-minute mark. Silvia Mittermueller came out swinging as well with switch 50-50 switch backside 180, and switch 50-50 to switch frontboard on the center portion of the checkered Vans super-Hubba. The women’s round was a close, but in the end Comstock came out on top taking first place, with second going to Silvia, and third to Pelosi.

Sometime around seven the cold began to settle in, and after an NBA style introduction wherein each rider took a hype-run through the setup as their name rang out in Australian over the loudspeaker, the men’s round was under way.

Keegan Valaika was riding sick—doctors note sick; putting down nollie back-lip 270 outs, and front board 450 outs, and front 270 board to regs on the down bar just to name a few mallets. Rail Jam veteran; Yale Cousino was also keeping it real, with probably most if not all of the 270 variations that have been discovered. Yale got seriously hung up going backside 270 at one point and ate sh-t super hard on the stairs, and got right back up to the top, dropped in and stomped it bolts. The whole get totally wrecked and get right back up and make it happen thing was definitely becoming a theme. In between all that Southshore Soldier, Danny Rein was dropping some hammers; Louie Vito had nice 50-50 front 360 outs; Mike Casanova was going for nasty MJ combos; and Danny Kass’ dog Big Vern was chilling mad hard. As sick as everyone was riding, and as real as they kept it, Lucas Magoon kept it realer—nollie backside 180 nosepress to regular on the down bar, front board backside 180 to board to regular on the double kink. Not to mention all the crazy shuffle, crip walk stuff he had going on too, tapping and spinning circles around the competition. Goon was riding like a really mellow, man possessed; he utilized every available feature, he landed all his tricks and then some, he made it rain, and he locked it up, again.

Stay tuned to for full results, and a photo gallery from the BAR/Slopestyle event going down soon.