By Evan LeFebvre

Early Saturday morning, 8:00 am to be exact on February the 23rd, 2008, a battle of epic proportions will be waged between two teams—one of right foot dominance and one of left. Riders will shred to the death, or the end of the day, more than likely the end of the day, and one stance will ultimately ride away into the sunset the victor. And when we say sunset we mean the after party featuring Pretty Toney, a.k.a. Iron Man, a.k.a. Ghostini himself—yup, Ghostface Killah.


The battlegrounds? None other than the most famed all-mountain park in all the land–The Park at Bear Mountain, situated in the heart of Southern California. Yes we’re talking about the inaugural snowboarding edition of the world famous GvR (Goofy Vs. Regular) contest series presented by etnies.


So all you willing and able shredders out there better be presented and accounted for to cheer on your stance! The Goofy team will be headed up by Fuel TV’s John Stouffer, and the Regular team will be headed up by none other than Transworld SNOWboarding’s braveheart leader, Kurt Hoy. Here are each teams Starting Five riders:


Regular Footers – Transworld SNOWboarding


Austin Smith

Joe Sexton

JP Walker

Markku Koski

JP Walker


Goofy Footers – Fuel TV

Kurt Wastell

Louie Vito

Ryan Thompson

Simon Chamberlain

Chris Bradshaw


Here’s a breakdown of how the day will play out:

Goofy Vs. Regular – February 23, 2008
Bear Mountain, California

8:00 am –Open Qualifier

The Open Qualifier will lock down four spots on each team in the GvR Qualifier.


9:00 am – GvR Qualifier

The GvR Qualifier will decide the final spots on the Goofy and Regular teams. This will include thirty-two riders from each respective stance; 28 pre-seeded riders plus the four that moved on from the Open Qualifier. Riders will compete in a jam format to whittle the final team lists to eight riders on each team. Two of those will go to the top two women, and two wild card riders will be selected by the Goofy and Regular Team Captains. Those along with the Starting Five riders on each team, will bring each roster to a final fifteen shredders on each team.


1:00 pm – GvR Finals

Just after high noon on Saturday, cold steel edges will be sharpened and the will be underway. The toss of a coin will determine which team rides first in the two part Final.


3:00 pm – Ghostface Killah hits the stage to commence tearing the place down.


8:00 pm – the afterparty is made official. Drinks will flow, good times will ensue, and poor decisions might be made.

The event will be webcast live from the etnies GvR website at

Fuel TV is producing a show around GvR. It airs on April 7, 2008 at 8 p.m.

Bear Mountain is located at 43101 Goldmine Dr in Big Bear Lake, California.

See you there!