Scotland Part1 : Glenshee

Photo: Russ Shea

Glenshee Snowboard Centre is located on either side of the Cairnwell Pass on the A93 in Scotland, which at 670m is the highest road in the UK. In January 08 a miracle happened. Glenshee had record snow!
Now this may not seem like a big deal to you but to Scotland they needed it because over the last few years the snow had gone elsewhere causing a massive drop in revenue for the Scottish resorts, which in turn had affected their ability to re-invest in new lifts and services. Whether that's down to global warming or just being unlucky we’ll never know, but when I got a phone call from Andy Laird telling me that the snow had come to Scotland and that there was plenty of it, I just had to jump into my car and head north.
I had never been to Glenshee before so didn't know hat to expect, although having spoken to many a friend that has rode there they assured me that I wouldn't be disappointed with the terrain and scale of the place.