Girls’s Gospel III

Hey Gospel readers, sorry it’s been awhile (thanks for the email!), but there are good reasons for my tardiness: two winter trade shows, a series of competitions with lots of powder days in-between, and one too many pro snowboarders hanging-out at my house, drinking coffee, using my computer, phone, and hottub. What this means for you, the reader, is lots of insider information as we come into Spring.

Hot news from the trade shows to keep you ladies “in the know,” as my mom says: The Snow Sports Association for Women (SSAW) had it’s biggest meeting ever at the SIA show in Vegas the first week of March. More than 75 women and men attended, which means people care about getting women and girls into winter sports. Yours truly is in charge of recruiting women in snowboarding to join the SSAW, so if you would like an application or would like to get our first newsletter, email me at To refresh your memories, the reason for the SSAW is to promote women and girls in all winter sports; to form an organizing body to represent women in the winter sports industry; and to be used as a networking agency for women who work or would like to work in the winter sports industry. What I would like to do, and tell me if you agree, is develop a girls program at the junior high school level to promote involvement in winter sports. It’s the kids that are going to carry the torch in the future and I think this is the age when girls have the most identity problems. Perhaps SSAW functions for girls could help funnel some of this teen angst and insecurity into a passion for something, like winter sports. Let me know what you think of this idea.

Other things to check out include Fresh and Tasty’s Snowboard Buyer’s Guide for Women. They passed out these little brochures at a meeting they held about women snowboarders. Their statistics about who women snowboarders are was skewed by the fact that they analyzed their audience only, but they did have some sage advice about how to shop for boards. Check them out on the web at:

The most popular snowboarding Lollapalooza of the year, Boarding for Breast Cancer (the BBC) is April 19 at Sierra-at Tahoe. Proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Fund. It’s going to be a great show, or as Michele Taggart affectionately calls it, the “biggest boobie fest ever!” More than 120 pros will compete in the Big Air and Halfpipe contests and bands include Luscious Jackson, Primus, 7 Year Bitch, Angelface. The unconfirmed master of ceremonies is Cindi Lauper, which is why you’ll see MTV poking around filming the day’s festivities. There’s going to be lots of breast cancer education stuff happening at the W.I.G. Magazine booth (we’re the founders) so come on by. Besides mags, we’ll dummies with lumps so you can feel what a lump feels like, cards to hang in your shower with breast cancer awareness stuff, plus lots more. Call Fuse, (802) 864-7123 to ride or volunteer or attend the event. Or check it out live on SOL.

Want to be a snowboard instructor? The PSIA has formed an education association for snowboarders called the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, (AASI). After realizing that at least 40% of the skiing public will be snowboarders by the year 2000, the PSIA decided that “there was a need for a new and better snowboard instruction organization.”

Backcountry Access has a new avalanche transceiver, the Tracker DTS, that is the world’s first digital rescue beacon. I checked it out at the show and was impressed by how quick and easy it is to use. Basically, there’s no grid system to deal with, it just points you in the direction of the victim and gives you the depth perception as well. Call (303) 417-1345.

Christian Begin, that wacky Canadian filmmaker who reminds me of Jack Nickolson in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” is making this super cool women’s ski/snowboard movie called “Sizzling Momma’s.” He showed the teaser to my W.I.G. crew and we were blown away. It’s very Tank-Girl-ish (my favorite movie) with some of the best women snowboarders and skiers in some of the best conditions around the globe. We can expect the full-length version this August.

Oh, and Sundance allows snowboarding now, which I’m stoked about because it’s across the valley from my house.

So that’s it, my princesses. Anyone read any good ‘zines recently? Next time, the low-down on women’s apparel, how to be a boardercross queen like Marguerite Cossettini, another trick from a pro, and the so-called life of a female instructor at summer snowboard camp, as told by Athena (ghost written by me).