Girl’s Gospel IV

Hello my princesses, it’s time for the summer Gospel, and girl, there is a lot of fun-in-the-sun going on. But first let me get this off my chest: the Boardercross tips I promised to give you will have to wait until Gospel V. Marguerite Cossettini, our Gospel guru on the subject, is in Australia and won’t be back for a month or so.

There’s more news that’s fit to print though, so let me begin. First, some women-inspired events that you may have missed: Boarding for Breast Cancer (the BBC), which took place April 19, was a huge success despite down-pouring rain and Primus almost getting electrocuted. We raised more than $55,000 for The Breast Cancer Fund and had a cool time snowboarding with the ladies from 7-Year Bitch (Elizabeth Davis, the bass player is a ripping rider, by the way) and Luscious Jackson (although lead singer Jill Cunniff was a bit of a wimp because she was afraid to hurt her hands, but don’t tell her I told you).

The BBC was inspired by Monica Steward, our friend who detected breast cancer at 26. Michelle Taggart was her typical happy self at the event, which you will be able to see, along with other rad interviews of Tina B., Shannon D., and some of the pro guys in the upcoming movie about young women, heroism, and breast cancer in, “Boarding for Breast Cancer-the Movie,” due out on PBS this October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you want to do something in your area for young women and breast cancer education, send me an email and I’ll get you the scoop for your own little BBC (

The other big event you might have missed (I did) was the third annual Gathering of the Goddesses, in Big Sky, Montana, April 9. Head Goddess Cristin Inglis did a splendid job of getting some 30 women from the snowboarding industry together to ride, discuss strategies on how women’s companies can maintain themselves in the future, and the growth of women in snowboarding. Next year, it’ll probably be in Brighton, Utah.

Some news from the Hood by Blue Montgomery (I know, he’s a guy, but he wanted to put in his 2 cents worth) is that Barrett Christy, Hillary Maybery, and Jenelle Joncawitz are all skating and riding at the Hood for the month of June. I guess at the beginning of the month the ladies were way more into skateboarding than snowboarding because the snow conditions and pipe weren’t quite ready. In July, Athena, and Morgan LaFonte will be at High Cascade for some guest coaching sessions-if you see Morgan you should check out her skateboarding technique, too. I think she rivals Carabeth Burnside’s when it comes to big moves and aggressive pipe skateboarding. (Morgan also plays a mean hackey-sack).

Speaking of Carabeth, she and photographer Patti Segovia are busting out the first-ever all-girl’s skate jam September 7, at Graffix Warehouse Skatepark just north of San Diego. They’ve got $5,000 worth of cool prizes and swag. For info, call (714) 525-0925.

Tina Basich and Shannon Dunn are surfing it up at in San Diego for the next couple of months, waiting to hear the scoop with their clothing sponsor, Tuesday. In case you haven’t heard, Twist, which owns Tuesday, lost their big Japanese investors the first week of June and left the company in the lurch. Burton is happy, according to Twist sources, because they may get their dream girl, Shannon, not only on their boards, but into their clothes for the Olympics.

Speaking of surfingg, surf diva Isabelle Tihanyi’s girl surf clinics are going off every weekend. She also offers custom surf trips to cool, hidden locations. Lots of women snowboarders have taken her clinics in the past.. If you’re headed to the ASR show this September 5-7, try to hang out for an extra day. On the 8th, Izzy’s going to offer a free clinic for us rowdy whitewater, long boarders that can barely stand up on the damn things. For more information call: (619-454-8273).

The Julies from J2 Productions just gave me the scoop on their all-chick flick, “Trade-Out.” These ladies have been all over the place filming Dresdan Howell, April Lawyer, Jennifer Sherowski, Megan Pischke, and Rhonda Doyle, among other princesses, to get the “killer footy for the seggie.” You can bet these film divas will be providing a unique female-inspired movie, which will premiering this October.

My final bit of gossip comes from a buddy, whom I can’t disclose because she said she’d kill me. But the scoop goes like this: ESPN’s Summer X Games in June have been treating snowboarders in particular, with a high-handed, I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude. As an invite-only event, they were not willing to help riders with expenses or offer anything other

than prize money for the women. Sarah Haynes of On Board Entertainment was brought in to help build the big air jumps, but had virtually no say in how they were constructed, so she told ESPN they could build their own jumps and bailed. For the ladies, the X Games had such a bad vibe that even Morgan, Athena, and Barrett Christy, the top-three invites, decided against competing in it and opted for the MTV Games, this October. Why? More prize money, expenses are covered, and the women riders are even paid just to show up because, as my source says, “It’s a show, not a contest, and they respect what we are doing as women athletes.” You go grrls!

So there you have it my princesses. I’m headed to the beaches in Cali, so I’ll see you all when I get back–tan, happy, blonder, and hopefully, a surfing diva!