Getting XXXtreme in Dick’s Ditch

In a season of powder days, the blue skies popped through and sun lit up the gate riddled ditch. Dick’s Ditch Banked Slalom is the only annual snowboard contest in Jackson with hype, leaving all scores settled between these walls on this weekend.

With over 400 inches so far this season to work with, Ranyon D’Arge and JP Martin truly outdid themselves. A steep tight ditch from the get go, led into a step up, hip kicking, cat track clearing mid section that had everyone on the sidelines wishing they had entered. But the bottom had a few riders wishing that they’d stayed home, with high and tight gates lining the walls. Also in the bottom was the return of the steep and narrow Terje kicker in the pine trees … dun dun duhnnn. One thing all the riders could agree on was that the course was sick, dare I say, the sickest ever. “They put together the longest, most strenuous course in banked slaloms, it’s representative of Jackson’s mountain, said Rob Kingwill. Riders coming down to the finish line were out of breath with burning legs after the two minute or more banked beat down. Lance Pittman at the finish line spit out two-words, “Insano, Bonanzo.

Dick’s Ditch weekend is about all the sunshine and rainbows in snowboarding such as riding with your friends and having fun. But with the winner’s blinged out buckle rotating closely between 3 locals, Kingwill, Pittman and Pat Holland, the rivalries heat up every year. Last year, Olympian Graham Wantanabe came in with hard boots to take it. This year, he was in Torino and probably wouldn’t have been as suited for the course riddled with rhythm and transitions. So it went back to the three. Kingwill’s been on a banked slalom spree making the podium in Baker, last weekend in SLC and topping out at Dick’s. “My outlook on this race is, ‘Stylin’ ist ehrensachre,’ Which Kinger says is German for Styling is a matter of honor. He put his riding where his mouth is, grabbing on every air in honor of Lindsey Jacobellis.

Pat Holland came back from Torino, where he was cheering on brother Nate, complete with cowbells and other Olympic noise making swag to nab second for the second year in a row. And after the qualifiers when Pittman said his first place time, “Didn’t mean shit, he was right, not making the podium on the big day.

In all seriousness though people, what’s it going to take to get some pros to travel to the Teton’s and give the shit spraying locals a little pressure? Obviously $700 bucks and an excuse to ride Jackson during a record snow year wasn’t enough. So the riders, who incestuously pass the title amongst themselves, are calling out the ringers. Invites in the form of taunts were thrown to Wescott, Palmer and Pat Holland’s bro, Nate.

Men’s Pro

1. Rob Kingwill 1:54.64 $700 and Buckle
2. Pat Holland 1:56.19 $500
3. Andrew Sherman 1:57.27 $200

4. JT Schoonover 1:57.30
5. Owen Ashley 2:00.10
6. Matt Iberlin 2:00.25
7. Kris Berge 2:01.06
8. Matt Poluga 2:01.98
9. John Recchio 2:02.75
10. Lance Pitman 2:03.07

Women’s Pro

1. Brittney Mahanna 2:17.01 $700 and Buckle
2. Katelyn Reid 2:22.11 $500
3. Diane Nielson 2:24.68 $200