Get Real: Update from Wyoming

Got to spend a week with the Get Real dudes in Wyoming. Drove 13 hours from Mammoth. Slept in my truck in front of the gas station. Met ’em there and headed right into the woods. Stood below some of the sweetest pillows I’ve ever seen.  Ate lots of jerky, even some bison. Woke up at 4:30 one morning to make it to the trailhead before sunrise. Went sledding to some pretty sick spots. Got tossed, took a beating and did some digging.  Froze toes. Felt real calm alone in the middle of nowhere. Got to watch Kevin Jones shred some shit. Was in awe. Slept hard every night. Carbo-loaded with Pabst. Snacked constantly. Skated the garage. Even mini-shredded Klancy’s front yard. It was a real man camp kinda retreat. Got it good. Here’s the photos.