Things got rowdy at TransWorld last night.

Two movies premiered. TransWorld’s own Get Real and People’s Nice Try. Everyone was hyped. Seemed like they just couldn’t wait for the lights to drop. Happens every year. The first night of premiere week is always a blow-out. And we blew it out. ‘Bout 400 heads crammed into our skatepark. And thanks to Monster Energy and VAS, drinks were on the house. Really broke the seal on the spot. There’s  some kinda stomach turning stench in there now…hot garbage, meat, maybe, stale beer. It ain’t good.


But the videos were…seriously sick, both of them. We bootlegged some shit..look for it soon. Until then…here’s the highlights:

—Chris Grenier got opener in Get Real. Crowd was roaring. Jed Anderson got ender. Shut it down. Two song part. New tricks!

—Sammy Luebke and Lucas Debari smashed mountains last winter. Their parts will make you wanna point it.

—Zac Marben opened Nice Try. Handplanted into a cliff drop. Cranked some methods. 270’d a double down. Seth Huot got curtains with as well-rounded of a part as humanly possible. Homie hustled. And has hammers for proof.

—You could buy either of these movies just for the music. They’re pretty much perfect mix tapes.


—Shaun McKay, Wille Yli-Luoma and Pat McCarthy represented for the Northwest. And Scott Stevens did the same for the North East. Their parts will get you pumped to ride.

—Eero and Mikey made 8-Mile proud.

—Robbie Walker and Eiki Helgason got double-corks. Huge 100-plus foot double corks.

—The Powder Cowboys (Bryan Fox, Louie Fountain, Curtis Ciszek, Josh Mills) and Jonas Carlson shared one sweet ass montage.


There’s a lot more to ramble about, but it’s getting harder to focus by the minute. Bottom line: Buy these movies.