Get Off On The Bus Tour: Update #7

After making the drive from Park City to Frisco, Colorado through the night, the Burton “Get Off On The Bus” tour rolled into the Breckenridge parking lot. The crew met up with local Burton reps, Johnny D, Chad, Ryan, Doug, Hannah and John. They had a prime parking spot set aside for the bus next to some Burton tents where shop kids and industry heads from around Colorado all gathered throughout the day for music, BBQ and good times. The crew was stoked to see winter still in full effect as they as they got to the hill.

After the guys grabbed some breakfast in the lodge, they jumped on the lift to take some laps through the park and the pipe. After a couple of park runs, it was up to the top to get some pow turns. Keegan was working the park rails and ended up going down pretty hard taking a shot to the ribs. The riders were feeling the jumps but they were closed down for the day shortly after the crew got on the hill. Danny Jack, Luke and Mason were dipping into the pipe for a bit, but ended up just taking runs and spending time with all the people that came to hang. The crew wrapped up the day with some hamburgers, hot dogs and good tunes back at the bus.

After a good day riding at Breck, the bus rolled down to Denver to check out the Denver Skate Park. It was Luke who stole the show again, hitting up all the different features. Danny got a few fun shots on film doing backside 180s over some construction cones. The sun went down and it was back on the road to head up to Keystone. Some of the riders were in the back playing “Guitar Hero” (Mason is becoming an expert at this game) while others were up front checking out the “Sorsa Project” on Fuel TV.