Get Off On The Bus Tour: Update #6

The Burton “Get Off On The Bus” tour rolled into Park City late on Wednesday night and the crew headed up to the pipe first thing Thursday morning. The guys met up with Burton filmer, Nathan Avila, and Burton photographer, Adam Moran, who were both set to shoot with the crew. The day was a little overcast, and the pipe was a little dirty, but the guys were stoked to get their shred on.

Jack Mitrani got the session going with some huge straight airs to get everyone amped for the day. Kevin Pearce had some sick air-to-fakies and ally-oop backside threes. Mason was doing his signature crippler fives and did a large frontside seven tail to the cheers of his friends. Luke had some steezy ally-oop indies and then had an unsuccessful attempt at a double back for laughs. Davis was trying out some new tricks and decided to loosen his bindings to see just how much he could tweak his board and still land on his feet. Jack finished off the session stoking everyone out again with some large straight airs, only this time they were switch. The clouds actually ended up making for some insane photos and the riders killed it.

After the pipe session, the crew jumped on the bus and headed down to Salt Lake City to visit the crew at Blindside (Mo, Colby and Alex). Mason picked up a new skate deck because the plan was to hit up a couple of skate parks in town. The weather radar was showing a storm rolling in late night, so to avoid getting caught up on the drive to Colorado, the decision was made to skip the skate parks and hit the road.

Before leaving SLC, the crew rolled over to check out Milo and say what’s up to Cal, Josh, Jeff, Sarah and the crew there. Jeremy rides for this shop and it is as core as they get. After Milo, the guys walked over to check out Salty Peaks. This was one of the first snowboard shops in the country and was also one of Jake’s first big accounts twenty years ago. Salty Peaks also doubles as a museum with hundreds of old boards and skate decks all over the ceiling in the rafters. The riders signed the wall of fame and Blotto got to snap some photos.

The crew decided to grab a bite to eat before hitting the road and everyone spreadout to hit different spots in town. After some grub, assuming that everyone was on the bus, it was off for Breckenridge. A little ways down the road, Team Manager, Dave Driscoll, got a call from Danny Davis wondering where the bus was parked. The bus actually took off a couple of riders light, and had to round back to pick up Danny and Jack. The guys in the back of the bus thought they were in the front, and the crew in the front of the bus thought they were in the back. It was bound to happen at some point on the road and made for a good laugh. Next stop, Breckenridge!