Today the crew woke up on the tour bus in the Bear Mountain parking lot just astones throw from the chair lift. The guys got an early start because they knew that once the sun baked the snow, thing’s would be getting pretty slow. This was the last day of the season for Bear Mountain and the marketing and park crew pulled out allthe stops to accommodate. They hooked up a two bedroom house right across the street from where the bus was parked so the riders had a chance to shower and the drivers, Jeff and Scott, got to catch some shut-eye after driving through the night. The Bear crew also fed everyone a great breakfast and even delivered lunch to the riders on the mountain later in the day.

The guys started things off jibbing a Chevy Blazer under the lift that the park crew had set up the night before. All of the riders were sessioning it together with snowmobile rides up to the drop in. Everyone was nailing their tricks and getting some cool jib shots. It became obvious early on that this was Keegan’s stomping grounds as he stuck trick after trick on and off the car. He rode up the back side of the truck and backlipped the roof, down the windshield to the hood. Keegan also put together some sick combos on and off the roof. Luke got the shirtless handplant and Danny got a switch frontside handplant on the car and another handplant over the car onto a foam snowmaking barrel cover. Mason was getting his spin on/spin off with Cab 270 to 50-50, backside 270 out while Mikey Rencz was throwing some massive air-to-fakies off the side of the car.

After the car jib, it was time to grab some lunch on the hill and take someruns with the whole crew. Keegan and Luke decided to take advantage of thefact that some of the runs didn’t have any snow left. They hiked over to thetop of what was once “Outlaw Park” and dropped in on a run with zero snow.Watching Keegan and then Luke point it down the run of dry dirt and rockswith dust kicking up behind them was sick. The crew, watching below, didn’tthink that they could make it as far as they did but they were proven wrong.They did take some diggers at the end of their run but not before Luke wentfor the dirt slasher.

With Luke and Keegan’s boards out of commission for the day, Danny was soloon the down-flat-down but decided to go for it anyway because he wanted toget some tricks. Davis threw down with a 50-50, frontside 270 off the flat toboardslide on the down. He also half cabbed to the flat with a frontside blunt 270 out.

After riding, the crew jumped back on the bus and drove down to town to check out LeRoy’s Snowboard Shop. The riders did a bit of shopping and hung out with Alex and Cory from the shop. Then it was on to Blauers Snowboard Shop to meet up with Brian and Scott to pick up some fresh Burton tees. Both these shops were dope, so check ’em out next time you’re at Bear Mountain. Thanks again to Kim, Jeff, Carlos and the crew at Bear Mountain for hooking it up. Next stop … Vegas!