Get Off On The Bus Tour: Update #2

With the Burton “Get Off On The Bus” Spring Tour in full swing the crew wokeup in their bunks/caves in the back of the bus at Mammoth Mountain. Afterrounding everyone up for some breakfast we drove the bus down to The VolcomBrothers Skate Park for a session. The outdoor concrete park was built withthe help of many frends of Jeff Anderson as a tribute to Jeff and his life.It is free to anyone who wants to skate it and is filled with bowls, stairsets and all kinds of goods. All of the riders were killing it on theconcrete but Luke Mitrani was for sure the stand out with a fakie backside 180and kick flips off a six foot drop. Davis also landed a smooth backside 180 offthe stair set.

After leaving the skate park we drove the bus up to the hill and parkedright under the Gondola. We were greeted there by Mammoth’s youth marketingdirector Oren Tanzer with tickets in hand and sleds waiting to shuttle theriders for when after the lifts close. We had a couple of hours to do lapsthrough the park on the main mountain and get our shred on. It was sunny atfirst and sessions were going down all over the place. Keegan and Luke wereshooting pond skimming with Blotto. Mason, Danny, Kevin and Jack weretesting out the jump and sessioning some jibs. Rencz was ripping everythingin site. Danny got a dope handplant on this cool new log jib in the parkand Mason was doing nose press to backside 180 out on the thirty-foot banisterrail. Then it was on to the wallride for a sesh where numerous tricks werethrown down. We were planning on shooting on the jump and maybe the pipebut the weather rolled in and the winds were to strong to do either. Alland all it was a great day riding with the crew and the camera’s wererolling to capture all that goes down both on and off snow for the newBurton movie and a show for Fuel TV.

After riding it was back to Luke and Jack’s house for a BBQ and game of PIGon the trampoline. We are heading up early to hit the jump in the morning.Till tomorrow..