A sharp unyielding wind licked at the side of my head eventually finding it’s way to my eardrum—we suffered toward the summit on a high-speed quad. It was snowing uphill at thirty miles an hour but it was clear out. The conditions were extreme—I may have been over it had it not been for the chiseled park terrain shining in the early afternoon sun below. Hell yes, it was cold, but the park looked too fun—these jumps needed attention. And besides, somebody had already mistaken me for Marc Frank Montoya (until they realized it was just a white boy with a moustache), so I was feeling pretty good about myself. Where the hell are we? Breckenridge? Copper Mountain perhaps? Naw, dawg, we’re at Bear Mountain and it’s cold as a bitch. Weird huh?

But on the ups, Bear has really come up from the rainy, dreary weather we’ve endured down south over the last couple months. Much natural snow (seven inches just last week), and clear, cool conditions for snowmaking equal many new terrain features. And as usual the custom rails and boxed lie everywhere, but we’re talking about getting lifted here—it’s time to get your base off the ground Homeys! And the uphill snow, well that was just the snowmaking … it was really blowing.

Kim (Associate Art Direct) and I follow TWS intern and Big Bear loc Evan LeFebvre around the hardpacked circus for hours. It’s good, and the terrain will soon improve markedly in anticipation of Bear’s Wide Open #2 event (14-18). The park staff is busting ass over the next week or so, and they have some snow to play with this year! Get up there and get after it. And for the love of god, don’t ride around the jumps … that’s poseur shit. You’re a snowboarder not a street skater remember?

The Park Wide Open #2 Schedule
February 12 – 18, 2005

2/12 – American Freeski Tour
Slopestyle Competition – Night Rail Jam

2/13 – American Freeski Tour
Superpipe Competition

2/14: The Pro/Am Night Jib Jam Thing #2
Presented by Electric & Ambiguous, several thousand in cash prizes! Club 1080 – Bear Mountain – Bromuda Triangle, 8:00 to 1:00 a.m. Live Djs: DeeJ Epic / C-lo / Slip Matt

2/15 – Open Ride & Shoot Day
Super-Hip & Quarter-Pipe Challenge Day

2/16: The Outlaw Banked Slalom
Retro Day Break out that gear from the 80’s & 90’s. Presented by ZJ Boarding House, Dragon & 686. After Party – 8p.m. to Midnight – DJ Lamont, Slip Matt & more…

TransWorld Snowboarding Industry Day

2/17 – Open Ride & Shoot Day
Pimp the Superpipe Day

2/18: The Bro-Down Showdown
An amateur slopestyle competition with a pro-size PUR$E! Presented by Active & Burton. After Party – 8p.m. to Midnight – DJ Lamont, Slip Matt & more…

Check out bearmtn.com daily for photos, video, and info on The Park Wide Open #2.