Gaper Day 2006

Gaper Day went off this year in Breckenridge. There must have been over 200 people dressed up in you guessed it—gaper gear! They bombarded the slopes with their gaper antics, and for the first year Breckenridge strategically placed police officers on all the chairs because they were worried about more than contagious Gaper anarchy.

The highlight this year was “The Great Race”. The Great Race was the first run of the day, and started on the very tiptop of peak eight. It takes a chairlift, a t-bar, another chairlift and finally a thirty-minute hike in ski boots to get to the top. 50 people all wearing mini snowblades were ready to drop in on the count of three, and race six miles down to the discount liquor store off Main Street—it was incredible! Eric Dummer ended up winning the race in the drinking division. I had no idea he could blade so fast! Next, year come on down to Breckenridge on April 1st and don’t forget to bring your neon and your idiot boots!