Game Over: Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance


PS2 / Xbox

Overview: You are a fugitive who is seeking revenge on the streets of Las Sombras. The fictional city is crowded with drug cartels that are fighting for rank and power. Your only chance for survival is by fighting your way to the top.

Game Modes: Single player (complete specific missions), Normal Mode (fight against characters in the game), and Custom Mode (create a customized team)

Multiplayer: 1-2

Gameplay: Beat Down is rated for a mature audience so you know it’s good. It’s full of dirty street brawls and various ways for your character to gain money and power. As you travel through the city you’ll find hidden weapons, but if have an anger management problem, you’ll probably find fist fighting the most satisfying.

Multiple Endings: Depending on which character you choose and how you play, there are different endings.

Graphics: They are far from mind-blowing, but decent. You are able to see facial bruising, blood, and blurry camera effects as fighting progresses.

Overall Rating: 8

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