Game Over: GUN


Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, GameCube, PC

OVERVIEW: Pony up and survive the old West as you seek vengeful justice on those who have wronged you.

GAME MODES: Single Player, Online multiplayer

GAMEPLAY: Your character, Colton White, has grown up in Montana, but after his father is murdered he sets out for Dodge City, Kansas to seek answers. During the journey, you’ll come face to face with enemies and before it’s all over you will have been on both sides of the law. GUN is like every western you’ve seen, but better because you’re controlling the gun-slinger and his adventures. Colton is loaded with weapons, everything from rifles and shotguns to bows and explosives. Tip: take advantage of the Quickdraw and Zoom Firing modes by saving them for times you really need the help. Quickdraw will put the game in slow motion so you have more time to line up a shot, but just like the ammunition, you’re limited.

GRAPHICS: With the exception of a few animals, the graphics are right on target. The wolves and horses look pretty fake, but who cares when you’re fighting a battle against an entire tribe of Indians?

SOUND: There’s no fancy soundtrack for this one kids. You’ll have to settle for the echoes of gunshots and women begging for mercy.