Game Over: College Hoops 2K6

2K Sports

Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2

Overview: Join your favorite college team and make all of your hoop dreams come true.

Game Modes: 1-4 players

Game Play: Before you start a game make sure you understand the controls. Otherwise, you’re gonna be pushing buttons like there’s no tomorrow. Block, fake, pass, shoot, timeout -- there’s a lot to know. 2K6 is honestly one of the best sports games I’ve played. There’s an endless list of colleges to choose from and to sweeten the pot, you can choose your own coaches and recruit all levels of high school players.

Graphics: They’re not that great, but the rest of the game makes up for it.

Sound: The crowd can get unruly -- screaming, clapping, horns blowing. It’s a madhouse!

Overall Rating: 8.5