Fuel TV’s Built to Shred with Signal Snowboard team

Jake Olsen-Elm tail press back 180 to flat at the Shred Ranch. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

Early Febuary the Signal team invaded Jeff King's shred ranch in Encinitas and proceeded to have one of the most unique sessions I have ever seen.  The crew was filming for Jeff King's "Built to Shred" on Fuel TV.  In true built to shred style instead of filming on location in the mountains they proceeded to blow 30 tons of snow to Jeff's home in southern California.  Jeff's "Shred Ranch" as he call it, is covered in mini ramps, kickers, rails in every shape and form, cement park in the back, and a euro gap onto his roof.  Not to mention a pool that may have a living creature lurking in it.  The first day was dedicated to setting everything up.  A drop in ramp was built on the roof leading into a handrail or phone booth bonk off.  This lead into a tricky little double, made of skate ramps raised up on 2×4's and into a quarter pipe/tree stall.  Not bad for less than a mile from the beach and 75 degree weather.  Day two started with a semi truck hauling 30 tons of snow to the shred ranch.  The crew got everything covered and the Signal team shredded all day until rain came in the afternoon.  Tune into the first episode of Built to Shred airing this summer on Fuel TV to see video of the madness.

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Check out this live link: www.signalsnowboards.com