Frozen Montana

A bit on the edge of the radar screen, and removed from any large populous is the healthy and friendly shred community in Montana. In the Big Sky state the winter is cold, but the snow is deep and fluffy. It is one of few places where you will find snowboarding at a grassroots do it yourself level. Somewhat a reminiscent reminder of where and how the sport started out. From the ground up is where the majority of snowboard events and happenings come from there. They are built and driven by snowboarders. From the largest contest of the season the Montana Snowboard Championships, to the small video production crew known as Inc Productions. It is all dreamed up and worked out by riders doing it because they want to, because they love it. It is in Montana where the small details of snowboarding that are often overlooked, shine brightly. The riding is really no different than you will find in other places, it is the personality that it encompasses which makes it unique. Enjoy some frozen moments of a Montana winter.

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