Tim Eddy. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Floating Frontside 360s

Tim Eddy shows you the fundamentals of the frontside three.

Frontside 360s are pretty simple. But to make 'em look pretty takes a good deal of practice. You want to spin smoothly, get a good-lookin' grab, and apply your poke at the appropriate time. Tim Eddy has 'em handled. So peep the pointers, dissect the sequence, picture yourself putting one down like T-Money, then go out and git 'er spun.—L.G.

1. Make sure you can do front 180s and threes on small jumps or even just on flatground before you take 'em to the park jumps. Get a feel for the rotation and landing flat-based or on your toes.

2. Find a jump that you feel comfortable on, and carry more speed than you'd want for a straight air because you might end up scrubbing a little speed off the lip. A set-up turn can help you transfer your weight onto your heels—just don't overdo it and speed check or you'll end up meeting the knuckle.

3. Pop off your heels and look back uphill over your leading shoulder while simultaneously sucking your knees up so you can get your grab on. Indy, mute, or melon are all grabs that should come naturally.

4. Hold your grab as long as possible, toss a little tweak or bone into the mix, but really concentrate on keeping your body quiet and compact.

5. At about 270, look through your legs and try to spot your landing. This is also when you'll want to let go of your grab and prepare to put down your lower appendages.

6. Try to land a little on your toes or flat-based. Do your best to avoid landing on your heels because with all the momentum you've got going, landing on your heel edge could result in a washout.

"Stay positive and have fun. If you're doing that, things are gonna work—it's gonna be good. And when you're out on the slopes, make sure you keep that git 'er done mentality and give it your all."


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