Frontline Rail Jam Takes Over Stockholm

The Frontline rail jam was held on Saturday the first of October in the heart of Stockholm City, Sweden. Twenty riders where invited from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland to battle it out for $3,600. The contest began with a 45 minute qualifying session to determine the top eight. Those eight then moved on to a thirty minute final, where $60 was handed out for every trick that excited the crowd.

After a heated session, the top three riders where chosen. Icelander Eirikur Helgasson took third and was awarded $360 for his sick presses, second place went to Ronnie Andersson, and hometown boy Nicky Wieveg was crowned champion and given another $1,200 in cash after stomping a sick backside tail, 180 to boardslide.

After the event, Frontline premiered their new movie Love Something for more than 500 people in a packed movie theater. The after party was held in downtown Stockholmat at the Bacci bar, and was as wild as expected with over 400 crazed snowboarders snowboarders from all around Sweden partying the night away.


1. Nicky Wieveg, SWE, Burton

2. Ronny Andersson, SWE, Burton

3. Eirikur Helgasson, ICE, Rome

4. Fredu Servio, FIN, Stepchild

5. Risto Ruokola, FIN, Technine

6. Kareem El Rafie, SWE, Forum

7. Ali Toppinen, FIN, Ride

8. Hans Ahlund, SWE, Venue

Check out the slideshow for more photos.