Saturday October 6th was the annual snowboard season kick off in Stockholm, Sweden, as upcoming clothing brand Frontline, gathered 20 riders from Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Russia, US and Canada to battle at the Frontline Rail Jam 2007.

The setup was similar to last year: a down flat down box and straight down rail plus new for this year, a miniramp for skate-dawgs. Also couple of big names were there—MFM, Eero Ettala and Joni Malmi. None of them were riding though, Eero was judging and still recovering from his recent knee operation, MFM was skating and Joni was spinning records at the afterparty. ?

The pros not attending the railjam didn’t bother anyone, as top of the line rail shredders were ready to slide the iron. Hans à…hlund, Eirikur Helgason, Gulli Gudmunssen, Fredu Sirviö, Jonas Carlson, Torsti, Nicky Wieveg, Torgeir Berre, Daniel Ek, Risto Ruokola, Adi Velic, Vesa Nissinen, Brian McClatchy, Eman Anderssen and many more started to get ready for two 30-minute heats.

Many riders hadn’t been on a board for months, but that didn’t seem to bother them at all as the crowd of a few thousand wowed and oohed, when riders delivered the basic nowadays tricks like frontside blunt 270 outs and frontside board pretzel thingys. It’s getting so confusing these days with the tricks these riders can do. Some spin before, on, and after the rail, some flip and flop, and the rest just concentrate on their style, clothes, and how good they look when pulling backside lipslides for photographers.??

Some riders who stood out were Hans à…hlund, Fredu Sirviö, Risto Ruokola, Eirikur Helgason, Gulli Gudmundson, Daniel Ek, Nicky Wieveg, Halldor Helgasson and Eman.

Judges Eero Ettala, Victor Ardfors, and Ronnie Andresson chose finalists and by evening the show really begun. Kareem was the cash-man, handing out 500 and 1,000 SEK bills to each stylishly nailed trick—the announcer was going crazy and could barely keep his pants on. The session was short and tight with über technical tricks and high cash flow in the final round.?

Judges awarded the best trick of the day to two riders based on two rails. Finland’s Risto Ruokola nailed something like a switch backside tail spin 180 on the rail and 270 out, and cashed 5,000 SEK from Kareem for Best Trick. The king of the kink box was Hans à…hlund from Sweden. A 50-50 backside 270 boardslide combo landed him Best Trick as well and became 5,000 SEK richer.??

There was one rider that earned the biggest applause. The best overall Rider of the Day award went to Iceland’s own king Eirikur Helgason who delivered technical combos and solid style all day long and was given 10,000 SEK.??

The show continued at the prestegius night club Berns downtown Stockholm, over 1,000 people showed up to party the night away to dope music deliverd by MFM and Joni Malmi. Free champagne at the VIP lounge and tons of hot Swedish girls made everyone wanna party all night long. But everything has to come to an end and at 3:00 am the club closed and this years Frontline railjam had officially come to an end.