Name: Frode Sandbech
Age: 31
Home town: Oslo, Norway.
Equipment: Canon
First Camera: Pentax ME

Why did you start shooting photos?
I always liked looking at pictures ( I am not much of a reader..). Don’t really know why I started shooting.. Its because I wanna freeze a moment and capture that in the best possible way. I had my first photography class when I was 12, but I didnt really start shooting before I was 17. And then started working with it at 24.

How did you get into shooting snowboarding?

Snowboarding was my passion, and I wanted to shoot that and follow the evolution of the sport.

Who and what influences your photography?
People that are pushing themselves and theyre photography are very inspiring. In snowboarding Vincent Skoglund has been the man. Also Cole Barash is pretty much on it nowadays.

Explain these photo series. What were you thinking? How did you come up with the idea? What were you hoping to show?
Usually I work out a bunch of ideas for snowboarding photos, but there is mostly time to make only one good series throughout the season. I have one going on right now that I hope I will get finished for next season magazine. It is fun to make those and I think they pushes me a bit.

Coolest place snowboarding has taken you?
Each trip is usually nice in its own way. I had a lot of fun and a crazy good 12 course dinner in China!

Where have you been this season and who have you shot with?
I have been around in Europe, contests, Absinthe, Pirates, two sick weeks with Gigi and  Zac Marben, trip to Morocco. Then I had a little accident and had to stay home for a month..

Advice for aspiring photographers:
Shoot a lot, have fun and keep on trying out new stuff.