Frieden Gold, Jacobellis Silver In Women’s Olympic SBX

What was set to be the perfect final—including the four top Snowboardcross qualifiers—turned into a contest of consistency. American Lindsey Jacobellis won the start and pulled away from the group after Canada’s Maelle Ricker—the fastest qualifier of the day—went down on the top half of the course. Lindsey was riding away with it until falling on the second-to-last jump before the finish line. Tanja rode past just as Lindsey was regaining composure. Maelle was transported by helicopter to Torino. We wish her the best.

Women’s Snowboardcross Results

Friday, February 17, 2006

1. Tanja Frieden
2. Lindsey Jacobellis
3. Dominique Maltais
4. Maelle Ricker
5. Mellie Francon
6. Maria Danielsson
7. Yuka Fujimori
8. Marie Laissus
9. Isabel Clark Ribeiro
10. Deborah Anthonioz
11. Olivia Nobs
12. Katharina Himmler
13. Doresia Krings
14. Doris Günther
15. Zoe Gillings
16. Karine Ruby