Freak Super-Storm Dumpage Hits Nor Cal!

As you sit slumped in school or work or gridlock traffic, know this: Mother Nature has not forsaken us, she’s just chosen to shine a little glory down on California this year. That’s right, the entire state (as well as western Nevada) has seen record precipitation over the last few weeks, and when it comes to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, “precipitation means snow. Dumpster-loads of it.

Yup, nineteen feet in the Sierras and six feet in the Reno area since Decemeber 28, if you want to get exact. Forecasters called this winter insanity the most powerful storm series to hit the Reno-Lake Tahoe area since 1916.

While Los Angeles was reporting the wettest fifteen consecutive days on record, a winter storm of epic proportions puked up eight feet of snow around the Nor Cal mountains on New Year’s weekend, making for the heaviest snowfall the city of Reno had seen in over a decade. The Reno-Tahoe International Airport shut down for the second time in 40 years, meaning the legions of snow-bros wanting a piece of the storm had to drive in on nearly impassible roads.

The Nor Cal shred scene has swelled to bursting point with every super-pro and photo/film crew imaginable, from Shaun White and Wille Yli-Luoma to Mack Dawg and Kids Know Productions. Handrail missions in Reno, dicey snowmobile treks through shoulder-deep powder, et cetera. Keep an eye out in next year’s videos, because you’re sure to see plenty of footage from this period of freak super-storm dumpage.

And by the way, the snow hasn’t stopped. Another storm steamed through the Tahoe area over the past couple days, hitting some resorts with as much as nine feet of snow—and four feet in Reno. Kids Know filmer Justin Eeles reported to Andy Forgash this Sunday that there’s so much snow in Tahoe you can barely even ride—it’s just shoveling, all day long, the roof, the driveway, the sidewalk … Photographer Andy Wright said they were thinking about rouping their sleds through downtown Reno. I’ll tell you what, people, it ain’t normal—it’s insanity! If you’re not there, don’t worry, I’m not either. But here’s a list of current Tahoe base reports to light a fire under your ass. Now go.

Tahoe Base Reports

Alpine Meadows: 10 feet

Boreal: 10.2-15.4 feet

Heavenly: 10-12 feet

Homewood Mountain Resort: 9.7-15.5 feet

Kirkwood: 15-21 feet

Mt. Rose: 9-15 feet

Northstar at Tahoe: 7.7-11 feet

Sierra at Tahoe: 10-14 feet

Squaw Valley U.S.A.: 6.7-15.5 feet

Sugar Bowl: 11.5-15 feet