Wrightwood, CA — February 6, 2005: While the average couch-bound football fan was glued to the TV on Super Bowl Sunday, snowboarders were ripping up Mountain High in the 4th Annual Forum Youngbloods contest series. Brad Scheffler received the day’s top honors with his win in the Men’s 15 & Over division, securing an all expenses paid trip to Sierra at Tahoe where he will compete for a year’s sponsorship from Forum.

Said Evan Rose, Marketing Manager of The Program, Forum’s marketing group, “The contest continues to grow in both size and popularity each year. I think we really got a good turnout today when you consider that it’s Super Bowl Sunday.”

The Forum Youngbloods is a national series consisting of 30 stops in the United States & Canada, and culminating in a final event at Sierra at Tahoe, CA, on March 26th, 2005. Nearly 100 competitors turned out for the Mountain High qualifier and went straight to jibbing in the Playground, the resort’s base-area jib park. In the prelims, riders hit features such as the Tool Box, the Long Ranger and the Double Roller Box. In the finals, the Dragon Rail, a challenging 60 foot flat-down-flat-down rail, was used to up the ante. Three divisions consisting of Men 14 & Under, Men 15 & Over, and Women separated the competitors and judges focused on the rider’s flow and the linking of their tricks for an overall impression.

The weather was less than cooperative and competing in sometimes near whiteout conditions was challenging, but as Cory Whetstone, third place finisher in the Men 15 & Over group put it, “You can’t really blame it (your performance) on the weather. Everyone has to ride in the same conditions, so it’s really no big deal.”

In the Women’s group, first place went to Lynn Tran, who will be going to Sierra at Tahoe, followed by June Bhongjan in second, and a tie between Nirvana Ortanez and Desiree Melancon for third. In the Men 14 & Under, the top spot was won by Nick Haymaker with Spencer Link coming in second and Brendon Simons securing third place.

In the Men 15 & Over, Brad Scheffler took first receiving an all expenses paid trip to the finals in Tahoe, with Jeremy Davis grabbing second place and Cory Whetstone rounding out the podium with third.

Talking about his win, Brad Scheffler of Canyon Country said, “This is my first win, so it is pretty tight.” It was also his first time entering the Forum Youngbloods contest and Scheffler claims it was the Nollie Five-0 and a Frontside One Out that won it for him. Explaining the Frontside One Out he said, “You pop off your nose, lean onto your tail and just stick it.”

Second place finisher Jeremy Davis of Thousand Oaks was also a first time Youngbloods competitor. Said Davis, “During the prelims, I did a Cab 450 On, 450 Off on the box, as well as a Cab 270 On for the down rail. In the finals, my biggest trick was on the Dragon Rail where I did a Cab 270 On, 270 On, and a 270 Off — like a 900.”

Cory Whetstone, representing Wrightwood, snagged third in the Men 15 & Over. Said Cory, “The setup was awesome and the contest was really fun. I busted a Half Cab in the finals which is switch going over the flat to the down and then I did a Front One over the last down.”

Photos and video of Mountain High’s Forum Youngblood event can be seen online at www.mthigh.com. For more information or to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact John McColly, Director of Marketing at (760) 316-7830.