Forum Team’s Daniel Ek Interview

photo: Ian Ruhter

Daniel Ek is young Norwegian animal. Maybe you saw his Check Out in the February '09 issue of TransWorld? He spent his season riding and filming with his Forum teammates for their new film, Forever. He also made time to compete in contests, like the US Open and the Dew Tour. Even though he rides like his fellow vikings—explosive pop like Andreas Wiig, leg power like Haakon, and tech skills like Torstein Horgmo—Ek is his own man. Unfortunately, as filming season was wrapping up, Ek wrecked himself on a giant hip in Tahoe. As you read this he’s recovering back in Norway. We got him to answer a couple questions before the medication kicked in. Short-attention-span interview: a little Ek …

The hip that claimed him. He shot out over the flat; makes the heli looks small.

What was your best filming day of the season?
Probably the shoot we did in Squaw with a big jump. It was me, Pat Moore, and John Jackson. We had a sick session with a chopper [flying] close to our heads. Ha ha. (see above.)

What was your best non-filming day?
I had some sick snowmobile days in pow—the days I was learning how to handle my Ski-Doo.

What do you miss about Norway when you're here in the U.S.?
My girlfriend.

What do you miss about the U.S. when you're back at home?
Good snowboarding.

Describe your teammates in one word:
Jake Blauvelt: Flow. He just shreds the mountain like a snake.
John Jackson: Machine. He can throw everything down and stomp it.
Pat Moore: More. Moore always wants more.
Steve Bell: Crazy. He has energy like a Rockstar drink.
Nic Sauve: Wonder. A wonder-kid who is good at everything he does.
Jake Welch: Nice. Nicest dude you'll ever meet and a mad good rider.
Joni Malmi: Vodka. From the bottle. And straight to big rails the day after and stomps.
Peter Line: Legend. Such a f*&king good snowboarder it's crazy.
Eddie Wall: Dude. A sick dude who just kills it.

What’s your gear set-up?
Board: Forum Destroyer 156, Kicker boot, Forum Shaka bindings, Special Blend Outerwear, and Electric goggles.

Which other Norwegian riders are you stoked on?
Soo many! I like to ride with Mads, Hoffi, TNT, Mikkel Bang, Andreas Wiig, Ulla, Cristoph, Torstein, and Daniel Josefsen.

What is wrong?

Right now, the wrong thing is that my ankle is broken and my knee is done.

What is perfect?
That I get to fly First Class back home this weekend.

What will you dream about sleeping on that flight?
That my heel should be good tomorrow.


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Check back on Friday when we post the new teaser for the new film from Forum, FOREVER.

photo: Ian Ruhter