The highly-anticipated new feature shred film Forum Or Against 'Em premiered in Portland, Oregon over the weekend. Holy crap it's sick! I’ll get to that in a minute, first this: The Forum wizards decided to release the flick outside of the normal ASR Trade Show blowout and did so on September 27th in Portland, which was a great time and place to let 'er rip. The invitational event was held in a slick bar/theater called the Living Room and was attended by the entire team and 100 or of their friends. Some free food and drinks warmed folks up for the first of two showings of the film. When people had taken their seats and the opening began to roll … Oh man. The movie is wicked; and of course proudly sponsored by Transworld.

We don't want to completely ruin the surprise, but here's a bit of a breakdown:

The movie has a varied and bearable soundtrack that carries FOA along on high-notes and high-energy. In the intros and also the individual rider segments, there's voice-over commentary from the team that helps bring a more personal vibe to the delivery of the hardcore tricking. We get the riders in their own voice and we get into their head a little; the effect is dramatic. A credit to the film's mastermind Jeremy Pettit!

So yeah:

Pat Moore opens the movie with one of the most versatile movie segments of the year. Thought he wouldn't?

Nic Sauve is smooth. So smooth in fact, it's a bit deceiving when you're trying to keep track of whether his rail shots are switch or regular.

Jake Welch has a part that's short but sweet. He is a rider with a very refined style in the street. And then he kills himself on a rail and …

•Joni Malmi—the raw power of his part should not be surprise anyone, but it still does. Some evil rails, pow booters and a hairy sled stunt will make you laugh.

• Stevie Bell energetically delivers some hammers in the street. In his opening shot he takes a very gross slam on a rail that causes everyone gasp and groan … and then Stevie shows an iron will by sticking it.

•Travis Kennedy is funny but also gnarly.

Eddie Wall got some before he wrecked himself early season.

•John Jackson offers a commanding attack on backcountry jumping. He rides fast. Yes, there's a 10.

• Peter Line is not just the team dad. Pete comes in with an inventive segment full of tricks kids will definitely be trying to mimmick (again).

•Jake Blauvelt will blow your mind.

Snap to. Go get this movie.